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Progress has been kinda slow, mostly limited to weekends and brownouts at work.  There is a bit of a learning curve with Google Sketchup, and with materials and technology.  Hoping to order, and do, more this weekend.

Products purchased:

Some of the products I’m looking at:

I still need to consider:

  • Drive Shaft
  • Stainless mesh or perf sheet for fin (baffle) – maybe pilfer kitchen
  • material for end caps (SS?)
  • thrust bearing for lower end cap
  • mounting material (SS?)
  • Fans
  • Fan/Cooling circuit
  • Fan/Convection circuit
  • Drive circuit
  • Wire insulation
  • Halogens (likely will pilfer workshop)
  • Infrared sensor for internal bean temp
  • Thermocouple for internal tube temp
  • Thermocouple for lamp temp (probs comes with PID)
  • Material for smoke reduction (filtering)
  • Chaff collection device
  • HOT! warning labels
  • Pyrex windows
  • Switches
  • Fuses?

Working on a design in Google Sketchup.  Will post links or screenshots eventually.

  • Open Source PID Controller
  • Borosilicate (i.e., Pyrex) Glass Tube
    • Lots of sources, probs around $50
    • Thinking 5″ x 12″
  • High Temp Glass Ceramic Panels
    • These from McMaster-Carr are rose-tinted.  I want to find some clear ones.
    • These are 3×3-inch panels, approx. 3/16″ thick, $4.51 each, would probs need 20 for $90.
    • Still working on how to fasten
      • Channels?
      • Glue? (prob not)
  • Channel-Strip Heater
    • Not sure if I need a finned or moisture-resistant variety
    • These cost between $30 and $50 for 12″ length
  • Fans
    • To blow chaffe out of chamber
    • To blow smoke
    • Possibly to disperse heat?
  • Google Sketchup 3D
    • for product design and planning
  • Other things to think about
    • Baffles in tube
    • Cooling